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Catering & Delivery Meals

We have a selection of catering & delivery meal options.

Indian Delivery

Main Dishes

Korma Creamy curry with yoghurt and ground almonds chilli €9.50
Tikka Massala A special massala sauce with ground almonds and cream chillichilli €9.50
Balti Straight from the Birmingham Balti houses chillichilli €9.50
Sanjhi’s Special - Pathia Sweet and sour Persian dish with tomato and pineapple chillichilli €9.50
Jalfrezi Ever popular with onions, garlic and green chillis chillichillichilli €9.50
Vindaloo Spicy, Rich and Fiery chillichillichillichilli €9.50
All the above are served with Chicken, Prawns, Paneer Cheese or Vegetables

Mild = chilli Medium = chillichilli Hot = chillichillichilli Very Hot = chillichillichillichilli

Side Orders

Onion Bhaji      €4.00
Meat Samosa    €4.00
Plain Poppadom   €1.00
Spicy Poppadom   €1.00
All served with chutney’s    
Plain Naan    €2.50
Garlic Naan     €3.00
Cheese Naan   €3.00
Plain Rice   €2.50
Pilau Rice   €3.00
Mushroom Rice    €3.50
Sag Aloo Spicy spinach and potatoes €4.50
Sag Paneer Spicy spinach and homemade paneer cheese €4.50

To order call Sanjhi by 11am on 0680 68 62 54 - Free Delivery

Download Indian Menu as a PDF (Reader)

Delivery Home Cooked Meals

Lasagne, Garlic Bread and Green Salad 16€ per person
Chilli, Rice, Garlic Bread 16€ per person
Tartiflette, Charcuterie, Green Salad 16€ per person
Cottage Pie with Vegetables 16€ per person
Hot Rock (Chicken, beef, prawns, raclette cheese, green salad, potatoes, mixed vegetables and sauces) 20€ per person / Minimum of 4 people
Cheese Fondue with Green Salad 20€ per person / Minimum of 4 people
Or if you have a family favourite just ask !  

(Minimum 4 people - Free delivery)

Chalet Catering

Private Chef - If you have a party of 8 or more why not treat yourself to a private Chef for the stay. With years of experience in catering and cooking you will be a guaranteed a mouth watering experience. Let us indulge you in afternoon tea & cakes followed by 2,3 or 4 course dinner. See our chefs sample menu here. Prices from 220€ for 6 days full catering.

Contact us and we can adapt our services to your needs

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